interior furniture - sofas

Introducing our new luxury interior furniture range

Here at The Orange Company, our new interior furniture collection features hundreds of new products that will help transform your Living room, Dining room, Office or Bedroom into a stylish hub of relaxation.


Originally Specialising in luxury garden furniture such as our St. Tropez collection, we also understand the importance of interior furniture that balances style with functionality, allowing you to enjoy those moments of relaxation all year round.


Our interior furniture does not solely appeal to a specific aesthetic which grants the opportunity to appeal to homes with different layouts and themes, allowing us to compliment your lighting, flooring and walls with furniture that creates a cohesive and visually appealing environment.


We’re here to help align your individual tastes with your home design, making your space nothing short of personal.


This guide will dive into our interior furniture and the different products that feature in our collection, explaining how they will make a huge difference in how you and others will perceive your home.

Our interior furniture


Are you looking to make those evening Netflix sessions even more enjoyable? Look no further than our selection of sofas available in a wide range of colours and styles that promise to keep you relaxed for hours on end. 

A high-quality sofa is a necessary bit of interior furniture when adding new additions to a living room or any other sociable area of your house, playing a huge part in expressing the overall aesthetic of your room.

Whether going for a minimal and more modern approach or a more coloured retro vibe, our sofas are the perfect choice for those seeking both style and substance.

interior furniture - sofas

Armchairs and accent chairs

interior décor - dining chairs

Adding an armchair to your living room can bring several benefits and enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space making it a vital bit of interior furniture. 

Our Armchairs offer a relaxed and more intimate type of comfort and are designed in various styles such as leather or fabric which makes them a solid addition to any type of living room.

Whether reading your favourite book or watching your favourite film, an armchair is both a necessity for comfort as well as a compliment to the visual environment of your home.

Dining chairs

When it comes to creating a memorable dining experience, the importance of comfortable seats cannot be overstated. 

Whether feasting with your family and friends or simply playing a game of cards, the addition of cosy seating arrangements enhances any form of activity and elevates your ability to fully savour those precious moments.

The expertly manufactured designs of our selection of dining chairs ensure that your posture remains optimal, minimising any discomfort or fatigue that might otherwise distract you from fully taking in these moments of socialising


Office Chairs

interior décor - office chairs

Investing in a functional and comfortable office chair can bring a multitude of benefits to productivity as well as being an aesthetic addition to a place of work which in itself brings heaps of psychological benefits 

When you’re comfortable, its easier to stay focused and concentrate on the work at hand and our office chairs are here to help with just that. With a range of sleek and professional designs, it contributes to a visually appealing office environment and creates that important professional impression.

Check out our blog on how to turn your Garden into an office and how elements of our interior furniture can make a great addition.

Bedroom stools

Our Bedroom stools come in plenty of different styles and will fit your needs whether you have a modern look to your bedroom or a more vintage style 

Our bedroom stools serve as a convenient place to put on your shoes, do your makeup or even read a book. By choosing a stool which fits into other aspects of your room, they can add a touch of elegance and personality as well as a compliment to the style of your bedroom by becoming a decorative accent piece and a stunning example of our interior furniture. 

Bedroom stools


Whether Coffee tables, side tables or dining tables, our selection promises to enhance a space no matter the activity. 

Coming in a wide range of styles and materials, our tables reflect what it means to have a good table with its sturdiness, functionality and its attractive and natural appearance.

A good table is designed with its intended purpose in mind, so invest in our tables to enhance your overall experience and productivity whether feasting with friends & family, or enjoying that early morning brew.

Storage units

Storage units, whether cupboards, shelves, bookcases or TV units, are the perfect product to store antiques, TV’s and ornaments which emphasise a specific theme and style that a room is going for. 

Our products maximise vertical spaces and reduce clutter, allowing you to store and display items without taking up much floor space 

We cater to any theme your home decor embraces, adding that timeless natural wooden look or a more rustic vibe to your room allowing a more cohesive unity with the rest of your interior furniture. 


Finding the perfect lamp or hanging light is important in achieving a specific theme for a room and acts as an effective focal point to how your space look with the rest of your interior furniture.

For a more traditional or retro vibe to your room, you should opt for a more detailed lighting product which conveys a timeless and sophisticated feeling to anyone who steps foot in a room.

For a more modern room, pick a more minimalistic light that gives off a sleek and understated appearance that contributes to a clean and uncluttered look of a space.

Soft furnishings

Our cushions are manufactured with excellent craftmanship and use the highest quality materials to ensure consistent comfort and to remain resilient so that the cushion will not lose shape over time.

Cushions play a significant role in enhancing the visual appeal of all your homely decor and come in a range of colours to fit effortlessly into whatever aesthetic you choose. 

Our cushions are designed with attention to detail, with contrasting textures, patterns and colours to fit the style of your room. 

Square Botanical Green Cushion


A high-quality rug is a necessary focal point which ties together all of the other elements of your room, bringing cohesiveness and visual interest to the design. 

Away from aesthetic appeal, rugs have many uses which can often be overlooked such as floor protection, area separation as well as an extra layer of cushion and warmth to your floor.


Our mirror collection works as a practical bit of furniture as well as a compliment to the rest of a rooms aesthetic. Adding a mirror to your rrom is a great way to enhance natural light coming in from your windows to brighten a space and make it feel more open and inviting.

They are another key focal point to a room, and whether opting for intricate designs or a more unembellished look, mirrors are always of visual interest to yourself and guests.


Our clocks are so much more than a device to tell the time with. Coming in a wide range of designs, we will have the right clock that will fit seamlessly into your space 

Normally being placed at a height, a clock is a great point of  interest and will be a key player in the overall character of your room making a necessary piece of interior furniture.