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A quick guide to our luxury Gas Bottle Covers

Here at the Orange Company, we specialize in crafting exceptional 13KG gas bottle covers that not only shield your bottles from the harsh elements but also add a touch of luxury to your garden. Our pride lies in the ability to seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your gas bottles are not only protected but also become a stylish addition to your outdoor space. 

Thanks to a stunning application by HJC Specialist coatings, our covers boast a clean and flawless paint finish that enhances the overall appeal of your garden. With our gas bottle covers, you can rest assured that your bottles will be safeguarded while simultaneously elevating the visual allure of your outdoor sanctuary.

In this post, we will be delving into the main benefits of our covers as well as covering why our Gas bottle covers are a necessary addition to your garden this summer so you can enjoy those BBQs or warm yourself by your gas fire pit the proper way.

The benefits of using a gas bottle cover


Gas bottle covers are an essential accessory for anyone who values safety and protection. These covers help safeguard your gas bottles from any damage that might occur due to accidental bumps or knocks, ensuring that they remain functional for longer. Additionally, these covers provide an added layer of security that keeps curious children and playful pets at bay, preventing them from accidentally tampering with the gas bottles. By investing in gas bottle covers, you can rest assured that your gas bottles are well-protected from any unforeseen circumstances, and you can enjoy your outdoor activities with complete peace of mind.


Square Aluminium Gas Bottle Cover - Grey

Gas bottle covers are a fantastic addition to any outdoor area as they not only conceal unsightly gas cylinders but also enhance the appearance of the space. By using gas bottle covers, you can effectively transform an outdoor area into an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our covers come in either squared or circular shapes meaning the choice is up to you what you choose depending on the overall look of your garden.

Weather protection

Gas bottles are essential for many uses, from heating outdoor spaces to powering grills and stoves. However, they are also vulnerable to the elements if left exposed. This is where covers come in handy. By shielding gas bottles from rain, snow, and UV rays, covers can safeguard against corrosion, fading, and cracking that can occur over time. In addition to preserving the appearance and functionality of gas bottles, covers can also enhance safety by preventing leaks and other hazards that may arise from exposure to the elements. So next time you store or transport gas bottles, consider investing in a durable, weather-resistant cover to ensure their longevity and reliability

Extended lifespan

By using our gas bottle covers, this helps to safeguard gas bottles against external factors that can compromise their performance and longevity. Covers not only shield gas bottles from adverse weather conditions but also provide an added layer of protection against physical damage. This ultimately helps to extend the lifespan of gas bottles and ensures that they remain a reliable source of fuel for longer periods, which is crucial for any household or business that relies on them

What to check before using our covers

Before using our cover, there are some things you should check before partaking in an activity that requires the use of a gas bottle. 

Here are some pointers:

  •  Make sure to verify that the cover you have chosen fits comfortably over your bottle and is the appropriate size. Using an ill-fitting cover could lead to safety concerns or risks. Always prioritise safety when using any type of bottle and its accompanying accessories, and take the necessary measures to avoid any potential hazards.
  •  It is important to ensure that the gas bottle is thoroughly cleaned and dried of residue and moisture. It is recommended to use a dry cloth or towel to wipe the outside of the bottle and ensure it is completely dry before using.

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