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Summer garden trends: The best of 2023

With summer in full swing, our eagerness to immerse ourselves in the blissful ambience of our back garden grows stronger. This remarkable time of year not only fuels our anticipation to tastefully adorn our outdoor haven but brings forth the enchantment of summer garden trends to style your garden around.

 In the year 2023, we find ourselves once again captivated by these new emerging garden trends that promise to inspire and delight all those who grace our sanctuary. From embracing sustainable garden furniture and decorative accents to curating unforgettable outdoor experiences, this blog will provide an abundance of ideas, ensuring your success in creating the garden of your dreams this summer. Regardless of whether you possess a sprawling expanse or a cosy, compact haven, rest assured that these trends can be tailored to suit any budget or size. 

If you find yourself yearning to infuse a burst of vibrant colour into your predominantly green and brown garden or yearning to fashion a warm and inviting ambience for your cherished family and friends, these summer garden trends are brimming with inspiration. Within the confines of this blog, we shall embark on a journey of exploration, delving deeper into the hottest trends that adorn the summer garden landscape this year and how we can help you in the process.

Sustainable Gardening

With increasing concern about the environmental impact we’re having on our planet, naturally one of the main summer garden trends of 2023 focuses on the idea of sustainability. Here at the Orange company, we use only the most sustainable materials for our garden furniture supplied by Jonsigns LTD while making sure it still holds the luxury style and functionality that we’re known for.

Our St. Tropez collection implements a lot of natural materials during manufacture such as Iroko wood which is very durable and is naturally resistant to decay meaning a long and sustainable life span. This natural look of Iroko on our furniture gives off a clear vibe that fits into the rest of your garden with ease and perfectly partners with your other bits of wood and greenery.

All the other wood used for our furniture uses timber from sustainable forests so when relaxing on a summer day you can have peace of mind knowing your furniture has come from a place which is focused on helping the environment. You can also implement other sustainable practices to match our furniture such as including native plants to your garden décor which will need less maintenance, water and fertiliser than other plants or infinite water features which keep a constant stream of water flow while remaining aesthetic and stylish.

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits continue to be a popular summer garden trend due to their convenience, versatility and aesthetic appeal. Rather than a traditional wood-burning fire pit, gas fire pits offer a much easier alternative which doesn’t give off any unattractive smoke or ash. They can be easily lighted with a dial or knob which allows for easy adjustments to the flame height and intensity to fit the outside temperature and overall enhances the ambience of your garden by creating a cosy and homely atmosphere for gatherings with friends and family.

With gas fire puts, the experience is often much safer, making them suitable for a multitude of different outdoor spaces Our Gas fire pit and its minimalistic design and coating allow it to fit in effortlessly to the other elements of your garden, natural or not. manufactured and designed specifically for this, Our fire pits compliment all our other bits of furniture massively and act as a bit of garden scenery rather than an eye sore which stands out like a sore thumb.

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Colour trends

Colour trends are always an important factor in how you style your garden around your furniture due to the overall impact it can have on the look and feel of your outdoor space. While designing your garden with furniture in mind an understanding of the vibe your after is necessary when choosing either bright colours or more natural and earthly colours.

If you opt for more Earthy and warm tones such as brown, grey or black, this can create a calming, natural feel in your garden and paired with trees and greenery, provide a natural and immersive backdrop. On the other hand, part of this summer garden trend includes the use of bright and vibrant colours which add a certain energy and atmosphere to your garden helping to create focal points to impress your family and friends.

Natural features

Another summer garden trend is the use of natural features in your garden other than your standard tree’s hedges and other bits of greenery. By doing this you can fully immerse yourself in nature and turn your garden into a tranquil hub of socialising and relaxation that your friends will certainly be envious of.

This specific summer garden trend utilises the use of additional plants and natural materials which give a trendy yet sustainable vibe while attracting wildlife necessary to give your garden that immersive feel. You can further capitalise on this by adding other elements such as water features and rock formations to give a contrasting yet effective atmosphere to your space. This summer garden trend aims to mimic and enhance the beauty of nature, providing a peaceful and serene setting that encourages relaxation and connection with the natural world.


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