Christmas Interior Decor 2023

Christmas Interior Design Trends 2023: 4 ideas to keep at one with nature

Are you looking for some of the best interior design trends this Christmas? Then look no further than our picks that promise to make your house a home to be proud of during the cosiest and most festive time of the year. 

Christmas and winter, in general, is a time of year when you are mostly indoors, seeking warmth from the harsh elements of the outdoors and indulging in activities with friends and family within the comfort of your home. Due to this increase in homely activities, it’s only right to ensure that the interior decor of your abode projects a perfect balance of aestheticism and festive appeal that will impress even the most Scrooge Esc family members. 

Embrace Natural Winter Colours

Typically, the well-known Christmas colour palette emphasises bright reds, symbolising the warmth of holly berries, and vibrant greens, representing the enduring life of evergreen trees surrounding us during the festive season. 

Although these colours will always remain relevant to Christmas time, as stated in our introduction this trend focuses on the inspiration from the winter weather, as although harsh, cold and wet, it can still be seen as incredibly aesthetic. 

This includes cool neutrals such as soft greys, cool whites and muted beiges that emulate the quiet and calm feeling of a winter landscape and provide a versatile backdrop that can be easily paired with other colours or used as the dominant theme throughout. 

Other colours that can match are warm wooden tones including oak and other timber features that when used in accent pieces can contribute to a cosy, cabin-like experience.    


Christmas Interior Decor

An Essence On Minimalism

Christmas Interior Decor

Although a trend we’ve covered in previous posts, the world’s obsession with minimalistic design is yet to be thwarted. When you think of winter aesthetics, minimalism is a concept that comes to mind. Lesser is more when it comes to this season, seen in striking imagery that pops up every year such as a snow-covered field and iced-over lakes. 

This trend takes inspiration from these Christmas scenes and allows you to feel at one with winter from the comfort of your home. By sticking to minimalistic colour palettes such as white, grey, beige and even light earthy browns (to add that bit of colour) you can add simple decor that will emulate the aesthetic of wintertime. 

To ensure a cosy atmosphere, think about adding throws and cushions that lightly contrast with its partnered bit of furniture and be strategic with a colouring that compliments your chosen space’s simplicity and functionality. 


Warm lighting

Capitalising on the darker nights of winter, the inclusion of warm lighting features can help transform your interior decor into a welcoming and relaxing space where people want to unwind, perfectly fitting into the Christmas vibes and creating a striking atmosphere.

As well as this, with winter bringing a palette of cool and cold tones, warm lighting, with its yellow and amber hues, helps counteract these cooler colours, bringing balance to the overall scheme of the space. 

When strategically placed, the warm lighting features can enhance focal points and specific design elements. This creates visual interest and draws attention to key features of your interior decor.

Choose warm lighting products that emulate a classic candle or light bulb design that emulates that warm hue. This allows for a more traditional look to your space. This contributes to a festive and celebratory feel, which is often desired during the winter holiday season.

Christmas Interior Decor

Natural Winter Elements

Christmas Interior Decor

Again drawing inspiration from the landscape, this trend focuses on utilising elements from the outdoors in interior spaces to create an environment that harmonises with the striking nature and wildlife of the winter months. 

Incorporating natural artefacts such as driftwood, stones, or shells as decorative elements adds a touch of authenticity and a reminder of the still-active natural world. Deer and antler-inspired interior decor also fit in perfectly with a winter theme, seen with chandeliers and lighting features that echo the beauty of the natural world and act as a striking symbol of a winter landscape.   

Or you can create a rustic and vintage feel to your interior with the inclusion of wooden features that promote warmth to your room.