Creating a physical mood board is an ideal activity if you’re styling or decorating an interior space. Having everything laid out can help you visualize your plans and prepare for the task of decorating your dream space. We’ve compiled a list of essentials you’ll need to create your mood board… 

Tester Pots 

Why not head to your local DIY store and pick up some paint tester pots for your mood board? There are so many paint brands available in stores these days, from budget to boujee- whatever your budget, there is something for everyone. If you’re painting, we recommend you get a tester pot regardless. Paint can look different depending on several factors, including light and the position of a room. Most tester pots start from just a couple of pounds- not only are they worth the price so you can get the right colour, but they look great on mood boards. 

Wallpaper Samples

You’ll be able to pick up wallpaper samples at the same time as your tester pots. If you’re heading into a physical store, you should be able to get a bundle of wallpaper samples for free. Wallpaper looks great on mood boards because it is available in so many patterns and textures- it is useful for adding an extra dimension, as well as an element of fun. Wallpaper is a popular choice when decorating due to its long life and the way it can hide surface imperfections.  Using a sophisticated wallpaper design can instantly add elements of style and elegance.

Fabric Swatches

Fabric swatches can be found on furniture websites which offer popular items such as sofas and beds in a range of different fabrics. You can get fabric swatches in a huge range of textures, including velvet and leather. A lot of pieces which are covered in fabric, such as beds and sofas, can be investment pieces, so it’s important to make the right decision. You might be torn between a statement green velvet or a classic tan leather- having the fabric in front of you can be helpful when it comes to making a final decision.  

Photos and Magazines

Photos and magazines are perfect if you want to incorporate an element of personal life onto your mood board. Photos are actually a great starting point if you’re unsure about which direction to go in when you’re decorating because you can base the entire mood board around a theme. If you’re using magazines to embellish your mood board, remember you don’t have to stick to interior magazines. There are endless amounts of magazines available to buy, so whether you choose a haute couture fashion magazine or a travel magazine full of beautiful Mediterranean islands, you’ll never be stuck for ideas.   

Let the Fun Begin!

After you’ve got all of your materials collected, the fun can begin! You can use some thick card as a background, or a sheet of MDF if you want something more heavy duty. Start by using a photo in the center of your mood board and build upon that with paint, fabric swatches and any other of your chosen materials. The most important part of mood board creation is having fun and letting your creativity flow! Once you’re happy with your creation, you can begin decorating! The process of creating mood boards is not only therapeutic, but also incredibly helpful in solidifying your ideas and bringing them to life.

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