Late summer is the perfect time to host your own outdoor cinema event. The slightly cooler air means you can cuddle up with your loved ones and enjoy your favourite movies together. Bring the feeling of the cinema to your very own back garden with our top tips…


The first thing you’re going to need is somewhere comfy to sit. Luckily we have a whole range of outdoor furniture to choose from! Choose your furniture in accordance with the size of your garden- we have something to suit everyone. Pick from the 1 seat chair, 2 seat chair or 3 seat chair. All of our garden seats are supplied with cushions whereby you can choose the colour you would like. Our 1 seat chairs are ideal for those who like their own space, whereas the 2 seat and 3 seat are perfect if you want to cuddle up with your loved ones on those warm summer evenings.


Whats a movie night without movies? You can go old school and use a bed sheet with a projector for the full outdoor cinema effect, although a laptop will work just as well. If you’re planning on watching a few movies, then choose a theme! Use the lists below for some help…

80s – Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

90s chick flicks – My Best Friend’s Wedding, Clueless & Pretty Woman

00s musicals – Moulin Rouge, Hairspray & Mamma Mia!

If you’re struggling to choose a movie, write your favourites on some pieces of paper and draw one out of a hat. This is a fair way of deciding, but who doesn’t want a John Hughes movie night?


Lets be honest, one of the best thing about visiting the cinema is the snacks you get (although they’re usually gone within the first ten minutes…). Capture the cinema feeling at home by filling bowls with popcorn, sweets and nachos. You could even go full Pinterest and create your own popcorn bar! Start by filling large bowls with plain popcorn and display a variety of seasonings and toppings so your guests can customize their popcorn. Be sure to include some paper bags for your guests, too! We can guarantee a popcorn bar will be a winner- why not use one of our tables to display all of your snacks?


Decorations are a must for your outdoor cinema night if you want to encapsulate that cosy cinema feeling. Lightweight blankets are ideal for summer movie nights as they’re not too heavy but will still keep you warm. Another must is festoon lights; they’re the kind of lights you would often see in 1950s America, but they’ve had a recent resurgence so are bang on trend. Garden lanterns are also a great addition because they add subtle but atmospheric lighting.


Get your friends together and have the time of your lives! You can even make your own invites in the style of a cinema ticket- this will get your guests excited and they can keep the invite as a keepsake. There are some great invites available on Pinterest- check them out here! Invite your closest friends so you can have a laugh and make it a night to remember.

We hope you’re excited as we are to host your own movie night! Sometimes getting cosy and watching your favourite films in the comfort of your own home is exactly what you need. Be sure to follow our tips and be sure to tag @theorangecompanyuk on Instagram so we can share your photos!