How we can help

We hear many people asking about how they can disguise the gas bottles they own in their gardens, sighting them as ‘unattractive and plain looking, well we here at The Orange company have heard your pleas and have a solution for everyone suffering from those pesky old gas bottles.

Our bespoke gas bottle covers offer style like no other, instead of having an unsightly gas bottle why not look into one of our two-gas bottle covers that we offer? Do away with that eyesore that is sat at the bottom of your garden and cover it with one of our two high quality stylish designs. Just look at how they can light up and improve the aesthetic of your outdoor living space.

For all their usefulness, the downside to these plain gas bottles has been and always will be their appearance. No matter how incredible your garden can look the propane gas tank will always be the weakest link, often seen rusted with a poor paint job these red bulbous cannisters offer nothing but misery for the eye. That’s where The Orange Company can help, with our stylish aluminum Gas bottle covers hand made in the UK, you can be assured they’re of the highest quality for you and your garden.

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